In 2015 Sarah Hymas and Maya Chowdhry collaborated on Ripple, an installation that uses physical poems and augmented reality to illuminate anthropogenic climate change. shymas-10My artist books are as individual as the poems or poem sequences they contain. They become an extension of the form. Poems are two dimensional sculptures, and through the paper, card and thread they are able to occupy three dimensions. The choice of card and embellishments aim to translate the mood and themes of a poem into the vessel that will carry it into the world. The reader is then able to enter the world of the poem spatially as well as imaginatively.
tales from the towpath - boat
Tales from the Towpath
This encourages them to linger over the words and the larger form that relates to those ideas. The intention is to stop, become absorbed, reconsider and make new connections between space and speech. How do words, the body and the interface between them spark? Is it possible to hold that space long enough for them to become indistinguishable?    mayaMaya Chowdhry is an inTer-aCtive artist, making site-specific installation primarily focussing on immersive work. Her current work involves site-specific Installation, exploring the juxtaposition and conflicts of new technologies with the ‘natural world’, utilising film, text, animation, photography, augmented reality and the Web. Her work has been exhibited in public gardens, canals, theatres, galleries and on television. Her writing has been published, staged and broadcast widely including the National Theatre and BBC Radio 4. Zappar-Heritage-CarrotMaya's recent work includes Ethical People Movement, a Transmedia story produced as part of ‘Continent Chop Chop’ by Virtual Migrants, a story told through poetry, music and digital-media connecting legacies of inequality to climate change. EPM uses invisible theatre, and conveys the story across web, twitter, YouTube and bandcamp. Her other recent digital work includes Ripple and Tales from the Towpath with Hymas. Tales from the Towpath is an immersive story told through geocaching, augmented reality, micro print & performance, it was shortlisted for the international 2014 New Media Writing Prize.

Ripple ∫ Butterfly Orchid Translation and voice over - Afreena Azaria Islam

Ripple ∫ Heritage Carrot Translation and voice over - Col Bashir

Ripple ∫ Siachen Glacier Map illustration - Laura Collins Voice over - Toby White Translation and voice over - Col Bashir

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